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Informative eWHMCS Clients


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If you're a client from any of my WHMCS Modules at eWHMCS.com please follow the steps below to activate your license:
  1. Open a ticket at this HelpDesk Department
  2. Don't forget to fill your Full Name and Email Address that you registered at eWHMCS
Please note some exceptions:
  1. Licenses that I gave as "Trials" with the promise that you'll buy it after testing, should not transfer.
  2. Licenses that have been charged back, should not be transfer.
All other licenses will be transfer with 6 months Forum Support and Free Upgrades. After 6 months you must renew your license to continue getting support and upgrades. Here I want your understanding. For full 3 years, I was the only WHMCS coder who was releasing unencoded modules, with no copyright links, and with free upgrades. The only that I was expected was to see, not all, but at least half of you, to renew the support. Well, among 300 clients, only 2 (yes, correct, just 2), renewed the support, while I continue releasing upgrades. Now this ends. To continue getting support and upgrades you must renew your license.

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