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  1. ChrisTERiS

    Unable to create HelpDesk ticket to migrate license(s) from eWHMCS to ChrisTERiS

    You can try now. I had forgot to update the license domain of this plugin. Sorry for troubles, Chris
  2. ChrisTERiS

    Unable to create HelpDesk ticket to migrate license(s) from eWHMCS to ChrisTERiS

    Hello Andreas, Let me check usergroup permissions. Chris
  3. ChrisTERiS

    Got WHMCS Club membership Unable to Download

    @webnita Just created a demo user to WHMCS Club and checked all access to Resources and Forums and found everything working fine.
  4. ChrisTERiS

    Got WHMCS Club membership Unable to Download

    @webnita I've created a special usergoup WHMCS Club Member and I've updated your profile. At least on the visual side, seems ok. Have also checked the permission access to WHMCS Club Resources and appear to be ok. Could you please check it? Now I'll check the Forum permissions.
  5. ChrisTERiS

    Got WHMCS Club membership Unable to Download

    Hello, Thank you for your order. As the notice says, the site is not yet 100% operational. Should be by tonight. Just yesterday I setup WHMCS Club. As I can see you've got the banners for WHMCS products, so you've the right usergroup level. Just need to check the permissions in the Club area...
  6. ChrisTERiS

    Coming soon CMS Tube

  7. ChrisTERiS

    New Release CMS Viral 1.0.0

  8. ChrisTERiS

    Informative WHMCS Club

    As most of my clients at eWHMCS have bought more than one module, I thought that should be good, to release a bundle with all my 4 WHMCS Modules with a huge discount. Furthermore I'll not place the usual restriction that all modules must be on the same domain. If you're operating more than a...
  9. ChrisTERiS

    Informative vBulletin Club

  10. ChrisTERiS

    whmcsBB 1.6.0

    Do you think that a Forum module can offers only basic forum features. Think again. whmcsBB, my flagship module, moves the water. Has (or should have in upcoming updates), most of the features that big names like vBulletin, xenForo, IPB have. From now on you don't need a forum bridge. whmcsBB is...
  11. ChrisTERiS

    Social Blog 1.6.0

    Unlimited depth of categories You can assign permissions on your Admin roles per category. eg Support team can post in AAA category but not in BBB category SEO Friendly URLs Each Admin has the ability to create as many profiles he wants, and when he posts an article he can choose who will...
  12. ChrisTERiS

    Cart Plus 1.2.0

    Cart+ (Cart Plus) extends the poor design of WHMC product listing by giving you the ability to insert a product page between the Product listing and Add to Cart. Mainly focus to those who are using WHMCS for anything other than Hosting, but even for Hosting plans works fine as you can add plenty...
  13. ChrisTERiS

    Legal Agreements 1.3.0

    This is a simple but very useful module if you want to put in one place all your Legal Agreements. Unlimited Agreements Supports SEO friendly URLs You can set to show a menu in NavBar You can set to show a sidebar with all your agreements ...or... You can use your current positions and get the...
  14. ChrisTERiS

    eCommerce 2.1.2

    eCommerce The complete eCommerce solution for vBulletin 4.2.2+ Supports Downloadable Products, Physical Products, Subscriptions, Services Fully compatible with EU directive for collecting EU VAT from EU Citizens eCommerce is a fully featured Shopping Cart for vBulletin 4.x, with support for...
  15. ChrisTERiS

    xxxMates 1.0.2

    1.- What's this? xxxMates is a vBulletin AddOn for those who are operating erotic communities. It adds to your community dating functionallity for members looking partners for sex. Being addon does not means that it misses features from sites like Instead with the help of...
  16. ChrisTERiS

    Media Gallery 1.1.1

    1.- What's this? Media Gallery it's a simple Gallery mod supporting Photo and Audio uploads and YouTUBE videos. I was looking for a simple Gallery mod for my own use and as I didn't found something meeting my requirements, I coded this mod. By saying "simple" mostly goes to the easy of use...
  17. ChrisTERiS

    Rate My Photo 1.0.3

    1.- What's this? For first is better to say what is not! This is not a Gallery AddOn. Even if I've added the ability to search and list photos by specific criteria, still it can't be used a Gallery. RateMyPhoto is a HotOrNot Clone, where users post photos to be rated by other members. Normally...
  18. ChrisTERiS

    Dating 2.1.0

    1.- How it works According to his usergroup permissions, a user can post a profile and add photos to it to get more attention from other members. From the main page or from his special area, the user search for other members meeting his criteria. When he finds someone that he likes, is sending...
  19. ChrisTERiS

    Team Talk 1.0.0

    1.- What's this? Just like normal PMs but with the ability to start a conversation with multiple users. Let's say an offline chat. 2.- Features Multiuser (max participants depending on usergroup permissions) Depending on your role in the conversation you can: Unsubscribe Close it Re-Open it...
  20. ChrisTERiS

    Rate My Site 1.1.0

    1.- What's this It's a multi functional Rate My Site, User Feedback which works totally just as Forum Sidebar block. 2.- Features The block has 3 tabs: Overview, Rate Us, Comments You are allowed to assign many fields for rating and not just a simple "Rate Us". eg you can set fields for...