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paradoxBlog 2.0.0

Release date
Last update
Initial support
6 months
Renewal price

Feature summary

  • paradoxBlog is the New Definition of Blog. With lot of features (more are coming in the next version) and a Facebook like interface, will moves the water of Blog systems.

Product details

  • Most important features
    • Multiuser Blog System
    • Secure Registration with reCaptcha2 only or combination of reCaptcha2 and Email verification.
    • Unlimited Categories with unlimited level of subcategories
    • Unlimited Usergroups with permissions for:
      • Can Post Topics?
      • Can attach Photos?
      • Max amount of Photos per post
      • Can Edit Own Posts?
      • Time in seconds to Edit
      • Can Delete Own Posts?
      • Time in seconds to Delete
      • Is Moderator Group?
      • Is Administrator Group?
    • Ajax Multi Image Uploader
    • Ability to Add YouTUBE videos to Posts
    • Ability for Users to Open/Close/Hide/Activate posts
    • Ability for Moderators to Stick/Unstick a post
    • Powerful Search
    • Popup User Profile
    • Facebook like user interface
    • Well designed View post page
    • Other posts by Author in view post page
    • Similar posts in view post page
    • Uses Smarty Templates for easy customization
    • Uses Bootstrap 3.3.7 version for Responsive design
    • Share to Facebook/Twitter/Google+
    • Facebook comments
    • Users can comment directly to your site or to Facebook page. Everything done automatically. If you share a post (to your timeline, FB page, FB group) then every new comment updates both locations. This is a great feature and don't miss to use it.
    • Legal Pages
      • Terms of Use (appears also in Registration form)
      • Privacy Policy
      • EU Cookies Policy
    • Easy translation to any language
    • Different language file for admincp in case that you want to translate only the public area.
    • Contact Us form with option "Send me a copy"
  • AdminCP
    • For security reasons you can rename admin.php
    • 45 in total General Settings. Among them:
      • You can turn site On/Off with message to visitors
      • You can turn On/Off new registrations
      • Email template for nice looking system emails
      • Send Emails using PHP Mail(), or sendmail or SMTP
      • Facebook Open Graph meta tags
    • Add/Edit/Delete Usergroups
    • Move Members to another Usergroup
    • Add/Edit/Delete Members
    • Ban/Unban Members
    • Search Members
  • UserCP
    • My Profile
    • My Posts with options to Edit/Delete/Open/Close/Hide/Activate