1.- Biography

My name is Christos (or Chris internationally) Teriakis, born at 27 October 1956 in Thessaloniki, Greece, where I'm still living. Too young to say that I'm old, too old to say that I'm a teenager :)

2.- Education

I'm not a professional coder in the meaning of having University certificates. When I finished High School, back to 1974, programming was available only in USA, not even in UK, and being a child of a 5 children family, have no luck even to dream for studies in USA.

So, I'm self-teached and very proud for it. Not only I was able to learn coding by reading books, but also I learned the English language. Not in professional level but, I want to believe, in an understandable level. It was not an easy job. First I had to translate in Greek what I was reading, then to understand it, and finally to test it. But never gave up.

3.- Career

My career start had nothing to do with coding. For 15 years I was employee on Olympic Airways and when I stand-up on my shoes, I resigned from a well paid job to start flying alone. Not an easy decision, especially for my country where, to have a stable (and well paid) job was a dream for most people.

4.- Portfolio

I started coding with dBaseII, back to 1984, coding some simple projects for my own use. Next year I moved to Clipper, a database programming language which was able to produce executable (.exe) files, so easily to release them. I worked with Client-Server applications, adding in my portfolio 3 projects for DOS. Then I moved to Topspeed clarion, a similar programming language coding projects for Windows.

By the end of 1999 I left back any plans for new PC applications and started coding Web Applications in PHP. My early PHP projects were simple (a Classifieds script and a News script) but they were working fine. Still have some clients using them :)

On October 2006 I started coding AddOns for vBulletin and a year later (2007) modules for WHMCS.

During these 20 years I released:
  1. vBulletin (more than 50 for vB3 and vB4)
  2. WHMCS (4 + 2 old ones)
  3. PHP Scripts (4)

That's for the moment :) ...Ochh... I forgot and 3 custom websites (eShops).

Welcome to my site :)
October 27
Thessaloniki, Greece




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